grumpy frog

grumpy frog written by Ed Vere is definitely a fun read for kids and adults. Frog attempts and fails to prove to the narrator, a unique element in itself, that he is not grumpy. In fact, the frog is very happy when things are done his way, understandably. But when his friends suggest a swim, for instance, the frog refuses to join because the water is blue and he only likes stuff that is green. His friends proceed without him and this makes him sad and lonely. Along comes a pink rabbit offering to be his friend, he declines, again, not only is this prospective new friend not green but he is pink, the colour the frog hates the most! The nerve!

Frog is lonely without any friends to play with and realises that he must consider the feelings and tastes of others. He apologises to his fellow frogs and the pink bunny and they find a common ground that makes all of them happy.

This is a funny and gentle way to introduce empathy to young readers. The illustrations are fantastic in conveying the mood of the characters. The message is clear, having everything your way is not that great if it means that you are all alone. A message that I hope will sink in with my 4 year-old when it comes to sharing and turn taking with his younger brother.