Blue Penguin

A sweet little story about finding yourself and making friends. Blue Penguin is different from all of his black and white counterparts and they cast him aside, an all to familiar theme in our society. “I feel just like a penguin” the little blue guy insists but the others coldly snap “But you’re not like us”. The poor penguin is so lonely that he sings a song about a white whale that he dreamt about asking his to come save him and take him away from his lonely existence. The other penguins are so inspired by his singing that they ask Blue Penguin to teach them his songs and this is his pathway to acceptance into the group.

I love that it teaches children about differences and demonstrates that there is something wonderful to discover about every individual if you are willing to give them a chance.

In the end a real white whale comes to rescue Blue Penguin in response to his song but Blue Penguin simple thanks him and sends him on his way because he is finally surrounded by friends and he is happy.

The illustrations are brilliant and the story really resonated with my 4 year-old. Later in the day when scolded him for doing whatever it was he was doing to annoy me he replied, “Don’t be mean to Blue Penguin” (Lol).

I would definitely recommend this book for a child who is starting school or about to embark on any new venture that entails making friends. Always important to let children know that it is our differences that make us special and to always be yourself!